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A life saver…especially if you’ve been to Cedar Point! On the LAST ride of the day at 10:40pm, I lost my glasses at Cedar Point on the fastest and tallest roller coaster. Despite a lost and found at the park, I just knew those new glasses were gone. We still had other vacation stops to make – some that were very scenic and I needed a replacement pair ASAP. I called the office at 9am and discussed my plight with Kristin and Patty. They were kind, patient, and VERY efficient. I was able to get my eye doctor to fax them my prescription, I stopped in the store to choose a basic frame, and in a couple of hours a basic replacement pair of glasses were ready for us to pick up and continue our journey to other states. $125 well worth it.

Bottom line, Performance Vision Care saved my vacation and the staff was awesome.

- Grant D. - Yelp Review